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High quality measuring instruments

Accud manufactures products with a very interesting price/quality ratio.

Accud has a wide range of products which includes taditional bench instruments and measuring machines.

Accud can supply on request products out of catalogue and special items as gauges and rings  with short lead times.

Calipers Accud

Micrometers Accud

Height gauges Accud

Bore gauges Accud

Indicators, deep gauges, contact points Accud

Magnetic stands Accud

Thickness gauges Accud

Block gauges Accud

Plug and rings gauges Accud

Protractors and squares Accud

Pitch gauges, radius gauges, levels, straight edges Accud

Welding gauges Accud

Coating thickness and force gauges Accud

Prisms Accud

Microscopes and endoscopes Accud

Profile projectors and vision machines Accud

Hardness testers Accud

Roughness testers Accud